Tips For Writing Less & Getting Your IT Resume Noticed More

Hiring Managers in today's marketplace have greater demands on their schedules than ever before.  Writing each section of your IT resume succinctly will help you get noticed by someone reading quickly.

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Tips For When Your IT Resume Seems Golden, But The Job Search Has You Blue

Job searching, especially when unemployed, can be one of the most stressful experiences in one's life.  This blog post provides tips on maintaining one's confidence during the uncertain job search period.

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Writing A Succinct, Yet Complete, IT Resume "Summary" Section

If carefully written, the "summary" section of the IT resume can be an excellent 5 second pitch clarifying exactly who the candidate is.

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Formatting The IT Resume "Experience" Section

Since busy IT hiring managers review resumes very quickly, as explained in my post, How IT Hiring Managers Read (Or Often Don't Read) Resumes, it is critical that the key details of the "experience" section are written efficiently and clearly.

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Clarifying Which IT Skills Were Used In Each Work Experience

IT candidates often ask how to minimize questions from interviewers about technologies that they are not strong in.  This article offers one approach, via carefully listing on the resume what technology skills were used in each work experience. 

Succeeding On Interviews Via Carefully Writing The IT Resume "Skills" Section

Given the way IT hiring managers are capable of interpreting the IT resume skills section, and how they even use it in their interview processes, it is important to keep the skills section concise and precisely focused on what key skills the candidate truly has.

How IT Hiring Managers Read (Or Often Don't Read) Resumes

IT candidates often express frustration about the "black hole."  They submit their resumes to positions they feel qualified for, but they just never hear back from employers.

3 Mistakes To Avoid On Your IT Resume

During my experience in IT Recruitment, I have witnessed what candidates achieved with carefully written and not-carefully written resumes. This article shares some of what I learned regarding the summary, skills, and experience sections of IT resumes.